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What is PTC site?
PTC stands for - Paid To Click.
These are always FREE to join.
These sites are open to worldwide members.
We must be 18 years of age or older to join in any PTC site.
We can get paid just for viewing/clicking ads once for every 24 hours.
These PTC sites share their advertising revenues with us.
These are again 2 types.
1. Bux sites
2. Aurora sites
Bux sites:
  • High per click value
  • High minimum payout threshold(like $2 / $4 / $10)
  • We have only few ads to click (at least 4 to 15)
  • Most of them turn scam soon (within some months). But there are some legitimate sites, which stand above 2 years. So no need to worry about them.
Aurora sites:
  • Low per click value
  • Low minimum payout threshold (like $0.10 / $1)
  • We have more ads to click (like 50 / 100 ads)
  • It takes a lot of time to earn on Aurora sites.
  • Sustainable
So always, everyone gets attracted to Bux sites because of their high paying ads.
What about more earning opportunities?
Upgrade/Premium membership offers more advantages with a small investment.
The number of ads depend on our membership type.
Some sites also offer some micro jobs / micro tasks to make even more besides PTC ads. These tasks are easy, takes less time to complete and gives some extra bucks, if we attend regularly whenever they are available (the number of offers depend on our geo location & time of the day). To proceed with micro tasks, we must maintain minimum accuracy defined by the system.
Some sites present external Offers like Matomy/TokenAds/SupersonicAds etc. It can be a survey or some membership site to join. But these offers often require to purchase something in order to get credited. It also takes some time to get credited (It varies from some minutes to days).

What are PTSU offers?
PTSU stands for - Paid To Sign Up.
We can get paid for every Sign-up. It can be approved by the task provider, if we fulfill the task as mentioned in the Task description.
What about referrals?
A referral is someone who works for us.
Direct referrals are the members, we personally introduced to the PTC site.
Rented Referrals are the referrals, whom we rent from the PTC site itself, who have been
active. We can rent them for 30 days, which costs $0.20 for each referral. If we wish to continue, we can extend them later. The more days we extend at a time, the more discount we can get, which is profitable in the long run. If we find any referral is inactive, we can recycle them with another referral. But there is only one condition to earn from our referrals. For this we must be active (it means we must click at least 4 advertisements daily) to earn money from all referral clicks. To be clear, if we do not click at least 4 ads today, we will not earn from all our referral clicks tomorrow.
It is the most powerful & useful condition, which keep
s all the members active everyday.
So we no need to worry about our referrals activity.
Our direct or Rented referrals limit depends on the type of our membership in the PTC. Some sites offer unlimited direct referral limit irrespective of our membership type.

General information about PTC sites:
If we try to cheat the system by using any automated programs/scripts or in any other way, we can get banned immediately & permanently and all balances will be forfeited. So always be honest.
Only one account per IP is allowed. It helps the advertisers to get good quality visitors for their business, which is the main purpose of the PTC sites.
I would like to advertise my own links, Is it OK ?
If we want to advertise our site, we no need worry about the quality of the visitors because of their strong anti-cheat protection. Demographic filter is also available to get visitors from a certain country, if we prefer.
But it is better to advertise only free-to-join sites. If we are looking to advertise any product, which is required to purchase, it is definitely not the right option.
We can use a url shortener like bit.ly or goo.gl to advertise with. But however we are supposed to use PTP services like adf.ly.
All submitted advertisements are reviewed by the Admin prior to activation. Always read their T & C before submitting ad campaign. It can be activated within 24 hours.
Can I advertise any kind of sites here?
Sites that contain the following stuff are prohibited to advertise:
Malicious codes / scripts
Excessive pop-ups
Containing viruses
Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
Tobacco Sales
Discriminatory Practices
Hate / Violence Sites
Weapons Sales
Pharmaceutical Sales
Illegal Downloads/Warez
HYIP Programs
Frame breakers
The staff reserve the right to reject advertisement at their sole discretion.
What about the minimum payout threshold?
The minimum payout can be between $0.10 - $10.
But for most PTC sites it is $1 or $2.
I would like to close my account, What to do?
If we no longer wish to continue, we can close/terminate our account from account settings. If you are not able to, contact the Admin about it.
Shall I have to pay Taxes for what I have earned?
All US residents have to submit 1099 form, if earned more than $600 a year.
Non-US members should follow their respective country specific Tax rules.
When will we get paid?
We can get credited our earnings within a week, after requested for cashout.
Some sites are paying instantly.
How can we get paid?
We can request our payment as soon as we reach minimum payout threshold with your registered payment processor.
What payment methods can I use?
Paypal, Payza (AlertPay), OKPay, SolidTrustPay, Egopay, PerfectMoney
LiqPay, PexPay and skrill (formerly MoneyBookers)

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